Purity Incorporated is committed to developing and integrating business applications tailored to the needs of our clients. We offer real world expertise in software development and system integration for the Banking and Financial communities.

Our straight-forward and flexible approach to problem solving allows our clients to rapidly explore new technologies and deploy new projects. Our goal is to become not just another vendor or consultant, but a trusted partner that can be called upon for technical assistance.

See our X9.37 Viewer


Purity has been assisting our clients with planning, implementing and integrating Check 21 solutions since the enactment of the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check21).

  X9.37 Formatting

  Cash Letter Recreation

  Vitual Transaction

  IRD creation

  Substitute Checks


PureView is an easy to use application optimized for viewing financial documents. Its intutitive interface allows the user to maximize productivity from the start.

The application is designed from the ground up as an integral piece able to import indexes and images from multiple data formats. This gives the user the ability to query items across multiple sources based on numerous criteria such as: date, account number, amount, etc.


CaseVue is a research workflow automation process for retrieving and printing of archival documents, such as check images, coupon images, invoices. Some of the main features include

  Support of simple and complex request types

  Supports multiple archival sources and different document formats

  Automatic generation of cover letters with requested images

  Various output options such as print, fax, email, CD-ROM

  Exception handling via a sophisticated viewer interface

  Supports multiple departments and remote locations

X9.37 Viewer

A viewer to view X9.37 Electronic Exchange Files.

  Converts X9 data to XML

  Exports to PDF

  Accepts ASCII or EBCDIC format, fixed or variable length record, with or without inserted length field

  Supports the latest X9.100-187 specification

  Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac

This application is signed by Purity Incorporated which allows it to open X9.37 files on your system. The hosting here is intended for use as testing only. If you would like to use it in a production environment, you should deploy it on your internal network. Please contact us for details.

Start X9.37 with Java Web Start

For direct access outside of the browser, or on browser without plug-in support, download the Java Web Start JNLP file JNLP File and launch it outside the browser.

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